What is T-Tapp?

tappcircle_purp.gif  No, it doesn’t involve tapping the body – it’s an abbreviation of Teresa Tapp, the creator and founder of this unique system of exercise. I discovered T-Tapp several years back when a friend mentioned it to me. I had been looking for a form of exercise that was not dependent upon weights all the time, and that was maximum results for minimum amount of time. T-Tapp certainly fits that category!

T-Tapp uses compound, isometric movements that build muscle density – lengthening muscles rather than building bulky muscles, as well as focusing on lymphatic pumping throughout the body. It’s kind of a mixture of yoga, Pilates, dance and stretching. It particularly works with building core strength and the muscles along the spine. As we get older these are the muscles that we don’t notice have atrophied but have the most significant affect on our health (back pain, spinal compression, loss of circulation and fluidity…).

I find this work out fantastic for folks who need a break from the usual resistance training using weights. In the beginning, every couple of weeks I reached a new transition or milestone with the workout! It really evolves as you put your time into it. I noticed some interesting changes in my body as I continued my practice of T-Tapp. Many ‘Tappers’ talk about the ‘fat shift’ that they experience. As you progress in the exercises, the density and strength of your muscles at a deep level intensifies. When this occurs, you go through periods where your body seems to gain fat in some places, and loses in another. Or the fat layer on your body gets a bit droopy and squishy. This usually precedes a moment when you actually drop some of the excess fat on your body!

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