Weight Bearing Exercise


I recently read a few articles talking about the importance of weight bearing exercise for maintaining healthy bone density and to ward off osteoporosis.

Many of the articles recommended jogging or using weights to get the necessary effect to stimulate healthy bones. I want to point out that there are other forms of exercise equally, if not more effective, for building and maintaining bone density.

First, what actually is happening when we stimulate our bones via exercise? Joint reaction forces is what is happening! These forces (like when you lift a weight, or do a leg stretch) work your muscles which then pull on your bones because the muscles insert on your bones (via tendons) or bones connect to bones (via ligaments). This pulling stimulates the bones and circulation to your bones and increases your bone mass. There needs to be enough force though to actually stimulate the bones, thus, why jogging and lifting weights are seen as more effective at stimulating this action.

What I love about T-Tapp is that it provides the necessary stimulation without the jarring motion of jogging or the monotony of weight lifting. The T-Tapp moves were formulated with this in mind. Each moves involves both stretching and activating your muscles. Over time, you build your muscles which in turns increases the stimulation to your bones. I can attest that the longer I do T-Tapp, the more I can feel this joint reaction force increase as I become more aware of each muscle and my ability to activate it isometrically. The moves include leverage isometrics which increases the stretch. And hey, you also get a balance (stability) workout and great cardio activity!

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