Vibrating Machine Workout – does it work?

vibrating plate machine
A couple of years ago, a new machine hit the fitness arena.

Known by various names such as Oscillating Platform, Vibrating Machine, Vibrating Trainer and others, it has been touted as a replacement for regular exercise.

The manufacturers advertise similar benefits as regular exercise — weight loss, building muscle and bone density, and occurring with only 10 – 20 minutes of standing on the device a day. Sound too good to be true?! Here’s my review…

The technology was originally created for the space program. They needed to find ways to maintain the muscle tone and bone density of astronauts in zero gravity…particularly over long periods. (don’t ask me how one would use this machine in zero gravity!)

The core of the machine is a plate that one stands on. This plate is powered to vibrate at various speeds, from slow to quite vigorously. The higher end models tout their oscillating technology — the plate not only vibrates but oscillates from left to right creating a 3 direction action. The force of the vibration is measured as G-Force.You can simply stand on it, or perform a variety of simple stances on the platform for 2 minutes each.

One of the attributes of the vibrating machine is that it creates a proprioceptive circumstance — remember, this is an imbalance to your environment that causes the body to correct or re-balance itself via the brain sending signals to activate the necessary small and large muscles. I have been lucky enough to have an older housemate who purchased the top of the line version of this device (not a cheap piece of machinery!), and have been able to use this machine twice daily for 10 minutes, over the last 2 months.

Here is what I think of it so far…. I would not replace regular exercise with this ‘workout’ if using the basic stances they suggest!
That being said, if  debilitated or a senior citizen, this machine could be the answer for you if you are not able to do any sort of regular exercise with ease.

For someone with a fairly good level of fitness, this machine is a great warm up that gets your muscles loosened up and your lymph moving. (I hear Madonna uses it prior to her workouts as a warm up!)

I have noticed a general firming of my skin and tone of body using the machine. This is not unlike what can be achieved with regular, daily dry brushing for lymphatic health and cellulite control. The vibrations are very stimulating to the skin and lymph. See Teresa Tapp’s info and products for skin brushing and cellulite control.

I sometimes describe my experience of this machine as a ‘standing Chi Machine’. For any of you that have used a Chi Machine before, you’ll get an idea of what that feels like. By utilizing good form (the T-Tapp way — linear alignment, bend knees, tuck butt, ribs k1 againup, shoulders back and down) I can feel that muscles are being mildly activated and stimulated by the G-force of the machine.

Use these more vigorous workouts to receive a more intense workout: you are older or find you can not do any form of exercise due to certain health issues, and you have a few $1000, I would recommend this machine. But if you are on a budget, there are plenty of inexpensive ways to get the same effects.


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