Two Simple Ways to Stop Holiday Weight Gain

holiday weight gain

So, we’re between Christmas and the New Year’s Holiday and you tried really hard to stay on the straight and narrow with your exercise and diet…but you slipped and you have some weight gain. Welcome to the club…you’re not alone!

But no need to beat yourself over the head.  Just pick up anew and read on about  two simple actions you can take that will make a MAJOR difference in your state of health and well being and your ability to move forward for the New Year.

Holiday Sugar1) Wean yourself off of holiday sugar starting now!
I think the single most undermining activity for me during the holidays is having easy access to sugar…lot’s of it in many enticing and special forms (hmm, let’s see..chocolate, persimmon pudding, strudel, cinnamon rolls, pies, ice cream, and the list goes on..). While getting moving again is key, cutting out the dietary items that make you feel horrible and do the most damage to your health, is also key.

  • Start by giving away or throwing out the items with sugar in your home. If you don’t have that luxury, move them to a hard to reach place and let your family know you need to be kept away from them.
  • Eat more protein during this time, whether you are a vegetarian or not. Increase your consumption of tempeh, greens or chicken and fish.
  • Eat more soup. It’s filling and satisfying, and has been shown to increase satiety while eating less calories. It also helps to keep you ‘regular’ if you are struggling with that after a couple weeks of eating rich food! Be sure to eat soup rich in fresh vegetables but minus the heavy cream.
  • Try green juices and smoothies to help alkalize your body. Rich foods like meat, dairy, fat and sugar create an acidic residue in the body that makes you feel like crap. Acidity also creates an environment for disease and ill health to develop.


Get Moving2) Get moving!
This applies to someone looking at major weight gain or the regular exerciser who has fallen off the wagon. We need to get the lymph system moving and start sweating, helping to flush all the effects of rich holiday food out of our system.

Walking is a great way to ease back into exercise. Just get out that door without thinking and move! This is one time you have permission to NOT think and just move the body!

If you’re a bit more active generally then do an intensive like a T-Tapp Bootcamp for 4 days. hula hoop your weight awayOr, try a new workout that you haven’t done before, like cardio kickboxing, Zumba, Hula Hooping, yoga, kettle bells, swimming, hiking. Make it FUN!

Go to a new class or if you have a Netflix account you can find some great workouts to try. Or go to for free and search ‘fitness’ and ‘exercise’ to find some interesting workouts.

Just be sure to ease into any new program by doing a simple walking warm up. Our muscles are a bit tighter after a couple weeks of sugar and rich diet, and the weather is generally cooler this time of year.

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. They are such a set up to be broken. But I do encourage you to take the time during this holiday season to re-evaluate your health and fitness and start making changes, baby steps at first and something you can realistically maintain over time.

Need some motivation? Contact me and we can talk about a fitness program you can do and how I can support you!

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