My 20 degree scoliosis decreased significantly

Laura, Family Therapist

I have tried many forms of exercise. I did yoga for 20 years until my carpel tunnel symptoms in my wrists made it difficult to take the classes. I never could do aerobics or other things that laurarequired a lot of coordination. I like Pilates a lot but didn’t feel it was the whole body workout that i wanted. When Dorothy started offering T-Tapp classes, I was interested but doubtful. After a couple months, I knew that this form of strengthening and toning developed by Teresa Tapp was it for me!

I took classes about twice a week with Dorothy for just over a year. In that time my body got stronger and more toned. I also felt positive effects on my mood and sense of strength in general. My long-time chiropractor said that my 20 degree scoliosis had “decreased significantly” at the end of the first year.

Her confidence in me pushed me through the challenges”

Kelly, Small Business Owner

I trained with Dorothy for the past year. She is consistent, dedicated, passionate, and a pleasure to have trained with. I really appreciated her patience, encouragement and hard work through our sessions.

Her creative energies, enthusiasm and easy-going demeanor carried me through our sessions. Hiring her as my trainer was the best decision I ever made! Her confidence in me was inspirational and pushed me through each session’s challenges. I felt a sense of accomplishment every time I left her studio.

She closely monitored my posture and form, helping me progress with new exercises and increasing levels of challenge while maintaining a core approach with T-Tapp and the OPT method.

I highly recommend her as your personal trainer. I credit my new healthy and fit lifestyle to her!

You feel that lovely aliveness in your body”

Fiona, Actor/Director

Dorothy is an excellent teacher. She is energetic, gives clear instructions, is encouraging and demanding in the most helpful kind of way and also fun to work with. She is confident in her instruction and knows this workout well. I like the structured teaching method of T-Tapp that each week progresses through a concise form of bodily postures and movements that you can feel targeting the areas where you want to build strength and flexibility.

During the class you feel you are working very hard in a very concentrated manner with very specific muscle groups. At the end of the class you know you have done a good workout and the next day you feel that lovely aliveness in your body where you stand taller, move more gracefully, your energy is stronger and your mood much brighter. I highly recommend Dorothy and T-Tapp.

Training with you was very literally life-changing.”

Kyle, University Student

My experience training and learning from you was very literally life-changing. Not only did your instruction and encouragement help me to realize significant physical results, they established positive habits of both diet and exercise that will stay with me for life.

A combination of effective programming and a positive, dynamic training environment made this possible – necessities you provided consistantly. The process was occasionally difficult and results not always immediately tangible, but your guidance and support carried me and was of immeasurable value.

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