Which T-Tapp Workout?

which t tapp workout

So which T-Tapp workout should you get first?

Unlike many workouts, it’s not about rushing to get to the more advanced or more intense workouts.

One thing Teresa stresses over and over, is that you have to start with the basics and learn the foundation moves.

It’s about learning how to align your body and becoming sensitive to activating your muscles. Rushing ahead will actually undermine this powerful body and life changing somatic education.


basic workout plus t-tapp

Basic Workout Plus

Basic Workout Plus is my favorite workout, and a good one to start with. It is the same workout that she teaches in her book, Fit & Fabulous in 15 Minutes. Start with this one and REALLY get the form and movements down before moving onto Total Workout. I spent about 4 weeks JUST doing the Basic Workout Plus before moving on. And it continues to be my go-to workout to this day!



t tapp total workout

Total Workout

If you know you want to move on to a longer more challenging workout, get the Total Workout which includes Teresa’s full 50 minute workout that starts with Basic Workout Plus. She gives a more instructional version of the more advanced workout and then the option to move through the entire workout without stopping.


t tapp more rehab workout

T-Tapp More

For those with “more health issues, more weight to lose and more candles on the birthday cake”, Teresa recommends getting T-Tapp More Rehab Program. This is a variation on both the Basic Workout Plus and Total Workout for those who need to take it a bit easier but without losing the impact of Teresa’s signature muscle activation and alignment. This workout will still get you sweating but with more regressed movements to support your knees and joints.



hormones and menopauseHealthy Hormones Menopause Management is Teresa’s workout for those of ust-tapp healthy hormones going through perimenopause and menopause! She created this workout in conjunction with Thyroid and Menopause advocate Goddess extraordinaire, Mary Shomon. A great companion to this workout is the seminar Teresa gave along with Mary on PBS: Healthy Hormones Brain-Body Fitness.


t tapp senior fit workout

Senior Fit

Senior Fit is one of Teresa’s workouts that has taken off like wild fire! While it is focused for those of us with too many candles on our cake to count, it is not just the domain of the elders amongst us — many of us use this workout because of it’s simplicity and power to create muscle activation awareness, balance, strength and flexibility. This workout will give back what you put into it!

For video demo of the T-Tapp workout go to my T-Tapp page.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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