“T-Tapp is the ideal anti-aging workout.”

Nicholas Perricone, MD

T-Tapp is a low impact workout that uses comprehensive, compound muscle movements to rebuild the body from the inside out, rather than weights and lot’s of equipment.

Developed by Teresa Tapp, the exercises use whole body isometric movement to build core strength, flexibility, balance and long,

Teresa Tapp

lean muscle tone. T-Tapp supports the lymph system, hormonal balance, and builds neurokinetic flow, important for optimum bodily function in all areas of life!

The isometric movements of T-Tapp build muscle density not muscle bulk and work to build the muscles along the spinal column. This is very important as we age and tend to become less active. Tests have also shown that certain T-Tapp movements can lower blood glucose levels dramatically.

Don’t be fooled! This workout will kick your butt if you fully engage Teresa’s muscle activation technique. Grown men have been known to cry once they ‘got’ it!

T-Tapp is my primary fitness training offering. I swear by this workout! What’s fantastic about it is that less is more — your best results come from being moderate rather than obsessive with your exercise — building alignment and strength without lot’s of inflammation and burn out.

It’s especially great for those of us going through hormonal and physical changes as we get older, helping to balance hormones and maintain bone density.

There are no props or equipment necessary except for a good pair of cross trainers and a dvd player.

For Video Demos of the T-Tapp workout, see below…

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My video testimonial on T-Tapp, Perimenopause and Adrenal Fatigue I gave at the T-Tapp Retreat in 2007…

Teresa In Action

Here’s a video of Teresa explaining the origins of T-Tapp and the basic posture and moves that create the foundation of this powerful non-inflammatory workout:

Here Teresa shows the basic posture that sets T-Tapp apart from other exercise systems & why it’s so powerful.

Here Teresa shows how to do one of her signature, lymph pumping/core activating moves – Hoe Downs.

Order the book Teresa talks about in her videos or her latest workout video – Senior Fit!
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