Suspension Training – another body weight exercise

In addition to adding some running to my exercise palette, I’ve taken up a little Suspension Training.

Suspension training utilizes your own body weight and gravity as resistance. This is done with the use of a strap system that allows you to hang in various positions.

This is right in line with my preferred policy of workouts that require little or no equipment, and makes use of our greatest piece of equipment, the body. (“But the straps…they are expensive!” I have a remedy for this in my next post…)

You can easily regulate your level of workout by adjusting your body (for instance, the woman to the left could make this much harder by moving her feet further back so that her body is more parallel to the floor).

The one thing that suspension training does demand is a good sense of correct bodily alignment when doing the exercises. Core strength is a component of this. And while creating core strength is one of the advantages to this workout, you need to have some semblance of core strength to begin with to maintain proper alignment and safety. (for some basic, no crunch, core strengthening exercises go to Shape Magazine’s Core Strength page or  Teresa Tapp’s Hoe Downs)

Here is a video of some basic Suspension Training moves. I like the correct form this woman utilizes. (Please ignore the annoying music – I turn the volume off)

Find out how to make your own Suspension Trainer!

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