Stretching for Neck & Shoulder Pain

Simple stretching for neck and shoulder pain

Previously I did a full post about neck pain and T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus for folks to read.

For the past couple of years I have had to deal with chronic neck and shoulder pain due to computer work and previous injuries.

Adjusting your posture and work station can go a long way to help reduce the muscle imbalances that lead to neck and shoulder pain.

T-Tapp and regular exercise support and rehabilitate your neck and shoulder area. But for times when there is acute pain and imbalance, chiropractic treatments along with these simple stretches also help to re-train the cervical spine and muscles.

Try these stretches three times a day for a few weeks and you’ll notice a reduction in pain in many cases, and definitely an improvement in your range of motion.

And don’t forget to do T-Tapp Primary Back Stretch to warm, stretch and rehabilitate the shoulders and back. You can view a video of  Teresa Tapp showing some of the form of the Basic Workout Plus which starts with Primary Back Stretch.

Topical Treatment

In addition to stretching and T-Tapp, when pain is chronic pain I swear by topical treatments with ArniCare Gel or Traumeel to help take the edge off.

I’ve recently heard a lot of buzz about the FGXpress Power Strips which are supposed to work better than conventional pain patches and with all natural ingredients (elemental Germanium, a proprietary blend of: Fermented Korean Red Ginseng, Silver & Marine Phytoplankton.)

I have not tried these yet so I can not verify their efficacy but I’m mentioning them here as I have heard so many people swear by them and look forward to trying them.


By using specific stretches and on-going rehabilitative exercise like T-Tapp or Yoga you can do much to reduce your pain and stiffness. For acute pain moments, there are many natural and effective topical options for neck and shoulder pain.


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4 Responses

  1. Marilyn D'Angelo says:

    I can’t reach at all behind my back (2 shoulder replacements).

    • Dorothy says:

      Hi Marilyn,
      Yes, you and many others, including my best friend who I made this video for!

      Focus on the neck stretches and any of the other movements you can do. You will find if you do this a couple times a day, or when you are working at a computer, that it will help a great deal. Also do a self-massage on your shoulders if you can. And using salves like Tiger Balm or the others I mention in the article are very helpful. I use them at night with a microwavable neck roll that I heat up. Really helps and feels good.

      Good luck and you have my sympathies!

  2. Karen says:

    I feel so fortunate to have met you in person here on Kauai. Otherwise I would not have known about your Healing work. You directed me to this video for my chronic neck pain that was causing me great grief and distress. Even at night, it hurt. It hurt for about least 3 months I am guessing. The exercise stretches of the video above did something and – Voila – that terrible pain disappeared. I imagine that not every one will have such startling effects : I only did them that one time – or twice – and the next morning the heavy out-of alignment dull pain at the base of my head was gone and has not come back. I am now showing my friend this page too, as he has chronic neck pain. thank you again.

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