Stand-Up-to-Sitting-Disease T-Tapp Hoe Down Challenge!

stand up to sitting disease

Do you sit for extended periods of time as part of your job or lifestyle? Then please read on!

I wrote an article last year about the dangers of Sitting Disease, and how sitting for extended periods is dangerous to our health.  Sitting for 4 hours or more with little or no activity has been shown to put the body into a sort of metabolic ‘sleep mode’. This leads to increased potential for cardiovascular disease as well as increasing our risks for colon and breast cancer.  And getting in that 30-60 minutes workout regularly doesn’t make a difference!

Research shows that interrupting our sitting and getting up regularly to move around is really our only remedy. It’s about timing rather than quantity.

It’s very important that we are all aware of the dangers of  sitting at our desks uninterrupted. I’m personally guilty of extended periods of sitting working as a web developer. And I don’t consistently get up for breaks as much as I should.

So, in the spirit of mutual support, I’m announcing the…

T-Tapp Hoe Down Challenge!

Please join me in committing to doing 1-2 sets of T-Tapp Hoe Downs every hour at work.

It will take you 2-5 minutes to perform the Hoe Downs and we’ll be kicking the possibility of heart disease and cancer in the booty! Commit for three days, a week, or one day. But let’s do it!

hoe downs

Join in and grab your office mates!

If you have to get up and move around before the hour is up, then you can reset your clock.

You can view this recent  Hoe Down post to watch Teresa Tapp’s free video instruction for Hoe Downs.  They’re easy and have been known to be fun! (-;

You can use a regular alarm clock or download a computer alarm. Find information on alarm clock software at the bottom of my article on Desk Disease.

Take the Office Challenge!
Are you reading this at the office wanting to participate but feeling too self-conscious to do something as goofy as Hoe Downs in front of your workmates?!

Recruit your fellow office workers. Let them know that this is not some fringe, trendy latest fad about health. It’s actually an urgent matter that is receiving much press and attention from the medical community. Many businesses and corporations and HR departments are integrating programs into their work cultures.

Use this opportunity to educate and recruit your fellow office mates — get them to go outside with you to perform your Hoe Downs or just do them at your desks. You never know…it can be contagious and can help to bring awareness to others of the dangers of sitting for too long.

Won’t you join me? Let me know in the comments below or visit us over at the T-Tapp Forum where I’ll be making updates as to  my own participation and we can support one another!

Let’s do it!

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