Seven Months and Counting – Is Perimenopause Over?

is perimenopause over and the water is calme

It’s been 7 months since my last period. Am I heading for menopause and is perimenopause finally over?

Five more months, and I’m officially in menopause. I can’t say I mind!

The ocean has calmed for the most part. There were a few peaks and valleys early on during this time where I had jags of emotional and blood sugar imbalance, followed by bouts of fatigue. For 2 months I used topical Progesterone cream that was prescribed by my Naturopath in an attempt to even out the squalls, but in time I experienced that using the cream provoked hot flashes. That was no fun in the middle of a very hot summer!

I do best without the addition of bio-identical hormones at this point. It played an important role during the years of most intense hormonal fluctuation. Now, I notice that I experience less emotional ups and downs, blood sugar issues and fluctuations in mood and energy without the support of supplemented hormones.

I’m here to tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

t-tapp mindful movement for hormones

T-Tapp’s Healthy Hormones & Menopause Management Workout

I have maintained a consistent exercise schedule during this time. I focused on walking, yoga and hiking. You HAVE to get your body moving! There is no way around this with all the changes that we go through as women, and as we age.

Walking is sufficient. Hiking, weight lifting, T-Tapp or Yoga are fantastic as well. But at least get out and walk, enjoy the fresh air, or use a walking machine at a gym if you live in a colder climate. T-Tapp is a fantastic home workout and exercise routine for those of us going through perimenopause and menopause.

Let me know if you have reached a calm with your hormones, if you have reached menopause, or if you are still struggling with perimenopause ups and downs. I’m here to support you!


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