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Suspension Training – another body weight exercise

In addition to adding some running to my exercise palette, I’ve taken up a little Suspension Training. Suspension training utilizes your own body weight and gravity as resistance. This is done with the use...

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Barefoot, or minimalist running

Is barefoot running for you? Recently I took up running again after putting it aside over 25 years ago. I know, Ms. Low Impact/Low Inflammatory fitness queen here! I’ve been re-inspired by the research...

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Gym machines to avoid

Not hard for me to believe. I used to use many of these machines but stopped because my body started to react to them. Read the Yahoo article here…

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Vibrating Machine Workout – does it work?

A couple of years ago, a new machine hit the fitness arena. Known by various names such as Oscillating Platform, Vibrating Machine, Vibrating Trainer and others, it has been touted as a replacement for regular exercise…

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Weight Bearing Exercise

I want to point out that there are other forms of exercise equally, if not more effective, for building and maintaining bone density.

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Right/Left Brain Exercises

My last post talked a bit about the new research and awareness of brain health going on. T-Tapp, my preferred form of exercise now, offers many exercises that challenge right & left brain coordination, as...

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