Out of balance – what to do?

So, you ate sugar or ate too much the night before! Now you feel all achey, inflamed, and grumpy the next morning. Soon your day descends into a series of annoying and apparently negative incidents. Is it life, or just the body?

Well, it’s just the body but if you let it run the show, then it’s your life! We spend so much time trying to make our bodies better, change them, make them comfortable and happy. All understandable undertakings but ultimately not really possible. At some point one realizes that the body can’t run your life and there will just be times when it isn’t comfortable or feeling the way you want it to.

When I hit this reality, I take a deep breath, and start noticing the positives in my day and life, constantly counteracting the internal ‘whine’! I put my attention on something greater, put my attention on something beyond myself.

I also make sure I get my exercise in for sure so that I can get some endorphins moving in the body which gives me that extra boost to rise above it all. It also pumps the lymph system and helps to move out the residual effects of overdoing it.

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