New Movie! Hot Flash Havoc

Hot Flash Havoc is a ground breaking film leading the way in recognizing that perimenopause and menopause is a major life transition for women!

The film hopes to highlight this major life transition for women, with humor, as well as working to cut through mis-information and confusion arising from the Women’s Health Initiative 2002 studies.

These famous studies deemed Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) dangerous, possibly leading to an increase in breast and other cancers.

While HRT is not for everyone (personally I’ll stay natural thank you!), for some women it is a literal life saver. While I have not seen it yet, the film focuses on current data that counters some of the confusing conclusions of the WHI study.

Knowing it’s important to find out what biases there might be when new health information is presented, I wondered if this film was funded by the pharmaceutical industry in an attempt to turn the tide on the rejection of HRT therapy after this study. I wrote to the film producers and received an immediate response from Heidi Houston, Executive Producer of the film:

[quote style=”1″] [It was] all private funding (the investors are philanthropically interested in women’s health, no pharmaceutical monies) and we had the top experts in the world to interview. After ABC covered us, the WHI release all their paper work and have changed their tune about benefits and risks. They have now said there were flaws in the study and it was not random. All the women in the study were over 60 and most were obese and smokers. So they now tell you the same thing, as our movie tells you. They have also starting naming the benefits for women using hormones. We are not suggesting all women use hormones, but we certainly think women should have the correct information to make that decision and not have the US government feeding them misinformation.[/quote]

She went on to point out that the head of the WHI study at that time worked promoting the cholesterol lowering drugs. One of the main symptoms of women taken off of HRT is a rise in cholesterol and the station drugs have done very well in sales since the time of this study.

At any rate, check out this new film. You can pre-order the DVD or find out about showings near you. You can also request to present a showing.


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