Neck Pain & T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus

neck pain skeleton and t-tapp

Recently I was reminded of just how powerful T-Tapp’s Basic Workout Plus can be!

As a ‘computer geek’ in my day job, I can suffer from a lot of neck pain if I don’t maintain correct posture and body¬†alignment at work.

This fall I started a new job and with that came a period of increased stress and a loss of good posture and my usual workout schedule.

Teresa Tapp points out in every workout the importance of maintaining proper alignment between our ears and shoulders and that ‘lifting our ribs’ helps support a strong upper body. I didn’t remember to do this much of my time in the first month of my job because of the stress of the learning curve. (now I have a stand up desk and I’m able to relax a bit more and maintain better alignment).

T-Tapp Twist from Basic Workout Plus

At one point the pain got so intense in my neck and shoulders that I knew I had to do something even though my time was very limited. Teresa’s 15 minute workout, Basic Workout Plus was the¬† perfect and obvious remedy!

I committed to doing it for a solid week every morning before I dashed out the door. Within one day of starting this ‘intensive’ I began to feel relief from the discomfort in my neck and was ecstatic! I’d forgotten just how powerful this workout is!

The simplicity of the workout and the fact that it only takes 15 minutes max, was a huge bonus. The power of Primary Back Stretch and T-Tapp Twist (components of the workout) released tremendous tension and tightness in my neck and shoulders. And it was so pleasurable to do the movements and feel this relief.

I LOVE this workout and encourage you to try it out. The benefits go far beyond weight loss and muscle toning. The Basic Workout Plus is therapeutic and corrective as well.
t-tapp basic workout plus

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