Make Your Own Suspension Trainer!

suspension trainer

DIY Suspension Trainer

In my last post, I talked a little bit about Suspension Training, and how simple and powerful it has been to add to my workout variety as another body weight exercise.

So, where do you get these Suspension Training strap systems? You can Google TRX Suspension System and find they are available for about $180 or more. BUT, I’m always striving to keep things as simple as possible and as inexpensive as possible! My friend Thomas Scoville turned me on to this great little YouTube video on how to make your own suspension training system! (it’s also embedded below) And it only cost me $24 and about 30 minutes to make once I had all the pieces ready!

Some tips on making your suspension system:

  • I found 5″ handles work fine
  • Be sure to get the 1″ wide straps and not the 3/4″ wide straps.
  • 12′ long straps vs 8′ long straps:
    – If you get 12′ straps you can cut 24″ off each one to make the foot straps instead of using rope
    – 12′ straps allow you to hang the trainer from a tree or a higher point if you keep it long
    – 8′ straps work fine in my home where I hang it from a chin up bar in my doorway

Hanging your system can be tricky. I use a chin up bar screwed into my door jam in my house like this guy. Door anchors are popular but you need to make sure the door is solid and strong. Here’s a video by a guy who created a door anchor from some extra strapping and a hand towel. Or, you can hang it from a tree or outside fence in your yard if you are in sunnier climes.

So, I hope this post interests you in suspension training.

And here’s the video I used to make mine:

Go here if you don’t want to make your own Suspension Trainer.

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