How Workout Variety Can Help You Lose Weight

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Bored with your workouts and not losing any weight?

I went for a run today, and realized that for the past couple of weeks it’s become a lot harder to get my butt out the door and on the road. Basically, I’m bored with it and feel tired just thinking about going for a run. It’s time to inject some variety into my workouts!

I’ve been here before and I have come to trust that when it is time, my body will tell me. I’ll keep running, just not as much and I’ll focus on intervals when I do. I’m thinking I’ll take some yoga classes and switch up my T-Tapp workout by adding in some extra Hoe Downs, and floor work like T-Tapp Half Frogs and Elevators. I’ve also started adding in some basic free weight exercises for both the upper body and the lower body.

The Importance of Workout Variety
The body-mind is an adaptive mechanism. We naturally tend towards a pattern or mode of operating, whether it is healthy or not, that is familiar; the path of least resistance or greatest efficiency. There is even evidence that the neural pathways of the brain become set, like treads in a dirt road, due to repetitive activity or thought.

But for optimum fitness and health, we need to bust into this beaten path at least every two months. Research shows that the body becomes adapted to a routine by about 2 months, decreasing the effects of a workout on the body’s metabolic rate, cardiovascular strength and muscle activation and development.

So the body fulfills it’s motivation to create the path of least resistance, but it is this ‘resistance’ that actually helps us increase our health and fitness.

One way to work with the plateau is to increase intensity or duration. But that can easily lead to workout burnout. Instead, I recommend changing up your workouts entirely, and trying something new.

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Leap into some new workouts!

Take the Leap! 
Take a series of yoga classes, find some local hiking paths, jump rope, go to a Zumba class, go bike riding, join a jazz dance class, try a Barre workout, get a friend to go with you to a new class, go on Hulu, Netflix or YouTube and try one of the many workouts available there. Mix. It. Up!

And remember, if you feel uncoordinated, weak or wobbly at a new activity, this is a GOOD thing! It means your body will have to work that much harder to strengthen, balance and endure this new activity, thereby increasing your fitness and health.

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