Exercising with Hypothyroidism and Perimenopause

How does one stay fit and exercise when dealing with hypothyroidism and perimenopause? From 2010:

Sigh….Well, as time marches on, so do the changes in the body. I feel like I’m going through a change not unlike when I was in puberty — except in the opposite direction! I was recently diagnosed as hypothyroid (with Hashimoto’s Disease), and depleted adrenals. Well, that helps explain part of why I have had less energy the last year or so! I proceeded to join any forums and networks discussing these issues so that I could find out how others are dealing with these conditions which is helpful.

But what about exercising when one is hypothyroid and in perimenopause? It’s shown to be really good for energizing and releasing endorphins which is supportive to those that are hypothyroid.  But  for many, just getting up to start the day has become an ordeal, let alone keeping up a vigorous workout schedule.

My body is strong from my years of exercising which seems to be an advantage in this hormonal situation, compared to if I hadn’t been a regular exercise enthusiast. But even so, my energy is much lower than just 2 years ago. I’m finding I’m having to discover a new balance when it comes to exercise, rather than feeling depressed or upset that I’m not buzzing at a 100mph!

This is my current exercise schedule:

  • Daily: stretches, vibrating plate machine, Suriya Namaskars, T-Tapp Primary Back Stretch
  • 2 days a week: above plus T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus
  • 1-2 days a week: 45 minute walk

Quite humbling but I’ve learned that if I can at least do this, my body and mind are much happier. So, it seems I’m having to learn Less really is More!

Overall, the key seems to be consistancy, even if it means just doing a little bit.

Let me know if you struggle with getting your exercise in and your thoughts on this.

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