Detox & Cleanse for the New Year

new year detox

Is it time for a New Year Detox?

It’s that time of year again when most of us ate a little too much or too richly during the holidays and now we’re wondering how we’re going to get back on track with our health and fitness.

If you didn’t overdo it during the celebrations then congratulations!

But for those of us that need to get back in a better state of mind and body, here are a few of my favorite cleanses and detoxes, and some educational information I’ve studied and enjoyed.

All to inspire you to a healthier and happier you in 2014!

green juice

Courtesy WillPower Studios

Joe Cross, the ReBoot evangelist inspires folks from all walks of life to lean up and discover the joys and health benefits of fasting and eating more fresh foods and vegetables.

His website and documentary even inspired my 79 years old mother to do her first 30 day fast. She is now on her second extended fast and is off her high blood pressure medications and feels lighter and more comfortable.

Be sure to watch his documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!

Tera Warner’s 3 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Use her simple and enjoyable program to get you started on a greener 2014!

The Raw Family – Sign up for their newsletter and receive inspirational, no bull-hucky information on green smoothies and the alkalizing benefits of a raw diet. From the originator of the green smoothie herself, Victoria Boutenko!

Food Matters Recipe Book – The folks at Food Matters are on a mission to touch as many people as they can with their documentary on the state of our agriculture and our health. They have great information on cleaning up your diet and eating more sustainably.


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