Is it possible to avoid or lose mid-life spread?

belly fat during perimenopause

Is it possible to lose belly fat during perimenopause?

One of the reasons I’ve started this website is to share with readers my own experiences of staying fit, healthy and lively through peri- and menopause. And if I’m honest, the most primal  motivations for pursuing this topic is to stay slim in the face of the aging process and the apparent inability to keep the weight off. You know….middle age spread, belly fat, muffin top, the Lady Bug shape as Teresa Tapp refers to it, or what I call the Mrs. Claus syndrome.

There are tons of websites and ads out there grabbing our attention with promises like “lose belly fat in 6 weeks!” or  “lose belly fat with these 3 simple exercises”. But do any of these actually work?! Is it just bullsh*t?

I’m often called Auntie Reality by some of my friends. Over the years I’ve tended to take a more realistic, slightly doubtful (but not cynical) perspective on fitness matters as they present themselves. This is one area I bring that lens to.

What I’m discovering in my own case regarding this whole midlife change in body weight and health is that there are NO quick fixes. Rather, this time of my life is about a major shift in the way I approach life altogether, not just as a body.

For instance, if I want to maintain my weight in the face of a declining metabolism (more on this in my soon to be available free eBook!), I have to look at more than what I eat and how often I exercise. I have to also look at how I’m reacting to and living life altogether – am I totally stressed out? Do I get enough sleep? Do I spend enough time with friends? Am I getting enough time alone?

I’d love to just say, “Here, do this and you’ll never have to struggle with midlife weight gain again”, but I can’t!  Instead, there are some basic, overarching lifestyle changes, including fitness and diet, that can help you maintain a natural, healthy weight (and slimmer belly!) and allow you to feel better during all this change. I’m discovering this for myself and I want to let you know about it.

Soon I will make available my free eBook with some straight forward tips and wisdom for keeping off that midlife weight and excess belly fat. If you want to reserve your copy of this eBook, please sign up below.

I look forward to continuing the conversation about how to stay Fit Naturally during perimenopause and menopause!

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Dorothy provides tips and information for staying fit and happy naturally during perimenopause and beyond, using the T-Tapp workout and more.

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