Brain Fitness

The Brain Physical fitness training isn’t the only form of fitness nowadays. The baby boomer generation continues to innovate and bring attention to new areas of life….research and study of the brain have taken off and brain health is clearly becoming the next ‘frontier’ of health and wellness.

As we age, the brain loses mass, just as our body’s muscles lose mass due to lack of activity. And just as with the body, there are exercises to help maintain brain activity and growth. Findings show that the two things that support continued brain health and activity is:
1) exercise
2) learning/experiencing something new

Exercise – it’s shown that getting regular cardiovascular exercise will help the brain maintain health.

What’s great about T-Tapp, the exercise system I use, is that it also includes left/right brain challenging movements, as well as cardiovascular and muscle activation. The perfect brain fitness program!Learning – it’s shown that learning new things and challenging yourself also helps to maintain brain fitness. But you have to be inspired and desire to learn, or it can have the opposite effect.Stay tuned as I talk about specific T-Tapp exercises that help support left/right brain functioning and health!

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Dorothy provides tips and information for staying fit and happy naturally during perimenopause and beyond, using the T-Tapp workout and more.

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