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The Kettlebell Workout for Perimenopause

I’ve been wanting to integrate kettlebell training into my workout for a long time. I’ve played around with it a bit but not too seriously. I posted this video because it talks about the...

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The Power of Walk/Jogging for Hormonal Fitness!

I’ve rediscovered the joy and effectiveness of roving, or walk/jogging… for maintaining an effective and consistant workout schedule for when my hormonal balance and energy is low. Lately I’ve had a dip in my...

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Perimenopause Fitness – Just Doing It!

We all need support and encouragement at times. I’m here to help. Visit my Training page to find out about how I can help support you in your fitness needs. Personal training here on...

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Barefoot Running II – my follow up

Here’s my follow up on Barefoot Running… I’ve been doing the barefoot or minimalist running ‘thing’ since mid-summer and first wrote about it back in August. While barefoot running is not everything I thought...

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Shorter Interval Workouts for Weight Loss!

Interval Training increases weight loss and fitness. Find out how… I’m always looking for a ‘Less Is More’ approach to fitness and home workouts. While I enjoy working out, I don’t live to workout!...

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Insomnia during perimenopause

Argh! I only slept 3 hours last night. Insomnia is one of many symptoms that present during perimenopause and menopause. Coming to terms with this and developing a strategy to deal with it is...

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