Author: Dorothy

is perimenopause over 0

Seven Months and Counting – Is Perimenopause Over?

It’s been 7 months since my last period. Am I heading for menopause and is perimenopause finally over? Five more months, and I’m officially in menopause. I can’t say I mind! The ocean has...

mixing up the exercise routine for weight loss 0

How Workout Variety Can Help You Lose Weight

Bored with your workouts and not losing any weight? I went for a run today, and realized that for the past couple of weeks it’s become a lot harder to get my butt out...

stretches for neck and shoulder pain 4

Stretching for Neck & Shoulder Pain

Simple stretching for neck and shoulder pain Previously I did a full post about neck pain and T-Tapp Basic Workout PlusĀ for folks to read. For the past couple of years I have had to...

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