Bright Body Fitness is a website and blog offering information and tips for maintaining your fitness and health naturally, during perimenopause and beyond.

Having traveled the weight and fitness road during my life, I am particularly well positioned to help other women who want to maintain their natural beauty and health as they move into their ‘best’ years. I was in better shape at 40 than at 30 so I know it is possible for all of us to experience a greater level of wellness and fitness regardless of age!

As a lifetime exerciser and fitness fanatic, I always needed to be physically active to maintain balance and a healthy weight. I went from a childhood of sports and outdoor activities, to gym workouts, martial arts and yoga as I got older.

I am particularly interested in how we can stay fit and healthy as we move into perimenopause and beyond. Hormonal changes in this time of life can create a similar disorientation and adaptation as when we were in our teens but with the added issues of weight gain around the midsection, insomnia, hot flashes, irritability and more.

Fitness targeted to specifically support these changes is what I am interested in as well as adapting and maintaining healthy exercise routines and lifestyle habits during these shifts.

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Encouraging you to gain greater understanding about diet and wellness, I strive to provide current information and tools, here and in my training sessions, to support your goals — whether it’s to lose weight, gain greater health and balance, or increase your fitness level.

I am drawn to a ‘more is less’ orientation to fitness — researching and studying forms of exercise that maximize results without putting unnecessary stress on the body and using up our precious time to actually live life! I personally acknowledge that the body arises and exists in something beyond what we ‘look like’, freeing us to truly grow and experience health and radiance beyond our apparent limitations!

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